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In West Virgina people who have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution are entered on the FBI’s background check system and the State Mental Health Registry, even if doctors determine they never were mentally ill. Charleston Daily Mail

It should be no surprise since Arizona has privatized many of its prisons, that it is now privatizing the medical and mental-health care for the nearly 34,000 inmates in Arizona’s 10 state-run prisons. The problem is finding a reputable company who will perform all of the services and duties outlined in the contract. Arizona Republic

The Clubhouse model for treatment of serious mental health issues has some advantage that includes cost savings, compared to alternatives like mental hospitals. Should more attention be given to it? The Carrboro Citizen

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections have reached a deal with advocacy groups to create alternatives to disciplinary segregation for prisoners with mental illness. The suit resulted from the finding that inadequate care for mentally ill prisoners often resulted in inmate suicides. Boston Globe

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