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Mental health care is on trial in Norway when deciding what to do with Anders Behring Breivik. The confessed mass murderer who reportedly admitted to killing 78 people in two separate incidents, is seeking to prove his sanity at trial in an effort to write a book and become a “pseudo-political figure.” The problem is Norway is one of the countries where a mentally incompetent person cannot be punished — even if his crimes are unrelated to his psychosis. Time

An Athens County, Ohio Common Pleas Judge Michael Ward ruled a man with an IQ in the range of 60-80 can stand trial for allegedly raping two children. Judge Ward ordered the trial to continue, since experts could not agree on the competency of the defendant, and no specific case law dealing with, “a mentally retarded young man with psychiatric issues that cause him to believe it is his right to have sex with small children,” even though there is Ohio case law dealing with defendants who have developmental disabilities. Athens News

Do Tasers amount to excessive force? It is a question that is currently being decided by the Supreme Court and effects all citizens, including our most vulnerable. The Daily News

Op/Ed – How best to help juveniles that suffer from a mental illness? IndyStar

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