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The insanity defense may be a tough sell for the soldier who is accused of murdering 16 civilians in Afganistan. Reuters

Schools around Boston are turning to private psychologists to be in-house counselors at their schools, using the students health insurance to help pay for it, under a fee-for-service model. – Boston Globe

Op/Ed – Time to Enforce Mental Health Parity. CT News

Some doctors are saying anti-psychotic drugs are over-prescribed. Once a medication is approved, doctors have the authority to prescribe the medication in way they think is best. The argument is if anti-psychotic drugs are being used as a crutch for some ailments. – MSNBC

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, the forced medication (in an attempt to make him competent to stand trial) and commitment to a federal prison hospital, were justified in the case against Jared Loughner, the alleged gunman who shot U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, AZ Republic

The Army is reversing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnoses in large numbers. It is not clear why there is such a large reversal in diagnoses, but the Army is investigating to find out why. Associated Press

The Arizona case of Joe Sauceda Gallegos is highlighting there is a disconnect between the findings of the criminal courts, and the doctors of the state mental health hospital where patients are civilly committed. AZ Republic

The Arizona Republic published excerpts of recently executed Arizona inmate Robert Towery. The diary entries document, “the rituals, the security, the indignities and the humanity,” of his last few days on the death row, including the morning of his execution. AZ Republic

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals admonished the state of Arizona for its execution procedures this week. According to the new execution protocol Arizona Director of Corrections Charles Ryan can choose, “which and how many drugs to execute inmates and must give the inmates’ one week’s notice.” AZ Republic

Medical tattoos are starting to gain popularity as a replacement for medical ID bracelets. The legal and medical communities have not yet decided how to treat, or standardize them. MSNBC

Dementia is on the rise in our nation’s prisons, as the prison population age because of the get-tough-on-crime-policies. Plans on how to deal with this new issue are being made on the spot. New York Times

In the wake of the recent Ohio school shooting that left three dead, psychologists are asking what can be done to prevent murder by someone plummeting into a serious and deadly illness? CNN Blog

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Mental health care for immigrants is getting attention as critics say immigrants have less meaningful protections in place when in court. L.A. Times

Less money in public coffers, means less money for mental health treatment in New Orleans. The Times-Picayune

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is preparing its fifth edition. The DSM is the gold standard desktop reference for Psychiatrists and Physicians alike when it comes to mental disorders. That is why it is raising some eyebrows that “Internet addictions” may be listed in the book as a possible future diagnosis. New York Daily News

Proposed Arizona Legislation – Relating to Court Ordered Treatment

The proposed bill Relating to Court Ordered Treatment is a revision of existing law. The subject matter of the law deals with court ordered treatment of a mental disorder. It modifies several preexisting sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 36, Chapter 5 Mental Health Services.The changes span sections: 36-501, 36-526, 36-533, 36-540, 36-542, 36-543, and 36-548.

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Does grief after the passing of a love one warrant a place in the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)? Serious grief, known as beravement, is slated for inclusion for the first time, at this point in the most recent edition, DSM V. CNN

Is there a placebo effect when treating depression? CBS News

In Iowa, both parties Democrats and Republicans believe the mental health care system is broken and both have different plans of how to fix it. Press-Citizen

In Ohio where judges are elected by the public, past mental health issues by one of the candidates is coming to forefront of the election. Are past mental health issues fair game in judicial elections? Chronicle Telegram