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The police have a tremendous amount of discretion how to handle a situation. In Boston, Massachusetts some are saying police need more training in how to deal with the mentally ill. Worcester Telegram

Montgomery County, Texas is starting an indigent defense program for the mentally ill. The program seeks to establish a support system for those with established mental illnesses and are convicted of crimes to reduce both costs and recidivism rates. Houston Community Newspapers

The mentally ill comprise a significant amount of the prison population. Jeff Gerritt, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press examines what can happen when the retributivist theory is applied to those who suffer from mental illness. Detroit Free Press

In the News

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Mental health care for immigrants is getting attention as critics say immigrants have less meaningful protections in place when in court. L.A. Times

Less money in public coffers, means less money for mental health treatment in New Orleans. The Times-Picayune

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is preparing its fifth edition. The DSM is the gold standard desktop reference for Psychiatrists and Physicians alike when it comes to mental disorders. That is why it is raising some eyebrows that “Internet addictions” may be listed in the book as a possible future diagnosis. New York Daily News